WOODS- "Sun and Shade"- CD/LP/Cassette 

"Woods is a two-headed dog asleep on the porch and a butterfly on the windowsill... a Janus, a Gemini and a screen door. The sun wont fade and the earworms will not leave, but the jams go on too long for the girl in the back who wonders if her friends are at another bar. Still, the ballads always make her cry. Woods is up there relaying the Woods-feel: Folk-rock, fuzz, tambourines, tapes and raw lunch pulled straight from the yard. Pop songs and other things: Sun and Shade."-Glenn Donaldson  

"Loose, shuffling and tuneful, the abridged Woods experience sounds more like Wowee Zowee than Workingmans Dead, but it hits just the right contradictory note of tight arrangements and breathing-room playing to get that back-porch, weird America vibe."- Pitchfork



MATT "MV" VALENTINE- "What I Became" LP   

If string theory is correct, this is approximately the thirteenth album Matt Valentine has released that definitely shouldnt be filed under a group name (Tower Recordings, Bummer Road, Golden Road, etc.). On the other hand, if string theory is correct, this might also be his 11,000th album. The truth, one suspects, is somewhere in between. Since bedding down in southern Vermont at the dawn of the century, MV has been as cussedly prolific as anyone. The gout of LPs, cassettes, CDRs, singles and 10-inches emerging from Maximum Arousal Farm has dwarfed the output of everyone cept maybe Sunburned or Thurston. Regardless, there can never be enough MV LPs in the world, and What I Became is a beaut. Most of it is as solo as Satan, apart from percussionist Jeremy Earl (of Woods fame), whose presence is sometimes felt more than heard. Erika  EE Elder and Mike Muskox Smith also pop up on a track, but the general approach here is as naked-and-loaded as the soul of Icepick Slim. As usual, MVs tunes and procedures beggar easy generification. Elements of deep forest psychedelia brush against Crazy Horse guitar / vocal flourishes that explode to reveal volk-based form mayhem at its hickiest. My particular fave here is PK Dick, a paean to nth dimensional logic in the form of a Swedish psych-folk readymade. My son prefers the haunted-Harvest-vibe (his words) of  Ave. B. My wife goes for the Seventh Sons approach offered by Sweet Little Indian Girl (always a fave with the ladies). And my daughter nods in the direction of Continuing the Good Life for reasons she will not explain. I suspect its the hooty vocals, reminding her of teen pop giants like The Shins and Of Montreal, but she aint sayin. All this just goes to show that What I Became is a fun album for the whole family. It will soothe your savage breasts. It will turn your evil mother-in-law into a porpoise. It will wash yr dishes and darn yr socks. Darn them! Motherfucker, who else would do that? Nobody, Jack. Cept MV. This guy has the magic touch. And it has never been displayed better than here. Just get the fucking rec. Or prepare to go sockless. Kind of a no-brainer, eh? -Byron Coley  


Ashram to the Stars LP (HS005) limited to 500  

One of the most gifted abstract sonic pilots from the Vacationland stable, Portland, Maine, artist Matt Lajoie enjoys a larger-than-Sasquatch reputation for his free folk personality and unpredictable takes on Spectrasound techniques. Although he and his merry band are one of the most charismatic tribes of the New England underground you gotta see them live they blossom from psychedelic occurrences that lead to bursts of pacifist oblivion which can only be redeemed inside their studio output. The momentum Lajoie deploys in his polar expressions indicates a supply of time-manipulated balance. An accretion of bucket brigades warping wildly at first breath, generally considered a condition of primitivism, this is searchlight abandonment with purely spirited jams more akin to the tapers pit than slam continuance. In fact, the only thing slammed here (other than the muted poetry echoing like buoys in Golowins harbor) are the in the red meters on fire signs from fire music providing ease with earth, wind and air. Long may we inhale. This is a heady atmosphere, an atmosphere for heads, and it not only delivers the contempo dreamlike aspect at the apex of its form, but transcends it to those revolving with them. Take this fucker for a spin.- Matt Valentine, Vermont, 2011  

 "... stunning navigation of druggy Matthew Valentine / Spectrasound-styled psychedelic folk, with a thick smoke of F/X masking some fantastic rural rock that at points sounds like a 90s underground take on Skip Spences Oar or a Dead bootleg on Majora. Either way this is a solid winner."- David Keenan, Volcanic Tongue  

"Meandering in the best possible way, Herbcrafts Road to Agartha sounds like it bloomed fully formed from a thick wall of weed smoke."- Sam Hockley-Smith, Fader  

"Pure psychedelic indulgence in the greatest of terms and a great extension of Lajoies work in Cursillistas."-Raven Sings the Blues  

"... blissed-out, bonged-to-the-eyeballs psych-rock of the highest calibre."-Norman Records 

NODZZZ- Innings - CD/LP 

Innings is the second full-length from garage-pop trio Nodzzz and their first for New York imprint Woodsist. Its simple title is a nod to their origin: songwriting core Anthony Atlas and Sean Paul Presley met playing baseball in Olympia, Washington, and started Nodzzz upon relocating to San Francisco.  The album offers fourteen discretely memorable songs in the bands growing idiom neurotic power-pop antics and jangly, shambolic post-punk and follows a string of acclaimed records that began with their debut single in 2007, I Dont Wanna (Smoke Marijuana), which jumpstarted San Francisco cult-DIY label Make a Mess Records (subsequent home of similar debut records by Grass Widow, Brilliant Colors, White Fence and more), and was followed by a beloved, albeit short, seventeen-minute self-titled LP and the True to Life single, both on NYCs Whats Your Rupture? label.

RYAN GARBES- Sweet Hassle LP (HS003) limited to 500  

Sweet Hassle is the debut LP from Ryan Garbes (Wet Hair, Raccoo-oo-oon), fresh from his 7-inch on Arbor and his cassette on NNA. A man in a small college town hours away from the influences that foul a musicians mind, Garbes has a lot of time to hang, especially in the recording studio. On Sweet Hassle, he incorporates heavy Velvets live bootleg vibes straight from the bedroom soundboard, with a touch of melodic electronic drone and a Byrds dusting.  

"... as if Lou Reed had done a record for Creation..."-Raven Sings the Blues 

"Garbes conjures boggling galactic plinking and trippy interlocking organ tones that make the sound of some sort of benevolent universal energy at work. When the vocals emerge, it becomes an alien hymn, used for space travel through the astral plane, of course."-Foxy Digitalis 

" garage rock that confuses the Velvets Ocean and The Doors When the Musics Over with early Sonic Boom and second-album Suicide."-David Keenan (Volcanic Tongue)

SPECTRE FOLK-The Blackest Medicine, Vol. II- 12"

Pete Nolan was Spectre Folk before drumming and strumming in Magik Markers was his main gig, and will be Spectre Folk long after he shuffles off this mortal coil. The main benefit of ghost-folk is: you can play it way after youre dead, and while youre alive the Spectre can haunt any decent willing body with a gift for the unreal. This time around, fellow Michigander Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) runs drums, Peter Meehan (The Grey Lady) glues guitar and Aaron Mullan (Tall Firs) slithers bass, creating an alchemy the Spectre hasnt floated since the days of basement wig-wearing in the short-lived Norman Bates era. The band entered Echo Canyon West with the intention of recording a 7-inch of the up-tempo version of The Blackest Medicine, the title cut from the 2007 home-fi Woodsist debut. After several sessions, they emerged with a four-song studio collage monster that wont fit in your locker and smells like smoked banana peels and undies blowing down an alleyway. A vibraphone, piano, and a plate reverb unit the size of a Brooklyn apartment were all employed by the Spectre like Uri Gellar used spoons inappropriately, desperate and bent. They physically turned the two-inch reel of tape over so Meehan could put subliminal backwards masking under his Erkin-Koray-worthy guitar solo on Fourth Dimension Refs, and Nolan put the Temple Screamer to good use on tracks one and two, using samples of Shirley Temple Blacks Good Ship Lollipop as vocoder harmonies on choruses. Oh yeah, its full of burning psych-pop jammers, too!  Earmarking Nolans longstanding but unspoken obsession with personal hygiene, Keep Your Teeth Clean! is a krauty suite that betrays Shelleys and Mullans recent stint as the rhythm section for Neu! Their teutonic influence has the effect of putting the dreamy psych-fuzz exhibited on last years Compass LP through a blender with a frog... that spills out into a wide open Milky Way head zone. You cant snuggle with this record, so strap yourself in and feel the Gs! Fearless as a lemming, Nolan has created a private universe here, a Society of the Spectre-cal, if you will, and his gift is his freedom. Lets have a drift. -Elisa Ambrogio (Magik Markers)



WHITE FENCE- Is Growing Faith  CD/LP 

Those who expect Tim Presleys White Fence project to be an extension of Darker My Love are in for a lysergic surprise. Sure, listen to Is Growing Faith, and youll hear the same 60s love thats in Presleys day-job band. But replace the boogie bass with The Velvet Underground and Nico guitars, ramp up the weirdness youll start to feel all the brown acid in your brain melting into your pineal gland just in time for the bad trip lyrics to kick in. That and the laughter, and the reverb, and the echo, and the feeling that this is a nightmare Presleys welcoming you to enjoy. Few albums in the recent past have had such a bleeding, in-the-red mystery (Weens The Pod comes to mind, as does Alex Chiltons Like Flies on Sherbet, or most of the Ariel Pink catalog). Is Growing Faith has a calm-before-the-storm feel, albeit a paisley one filled with hashish-laden clouds of wonder. Aside from a few well-placed punk drums and vintage guitar sustain that stretches as late as 1978, this could be the great lost Teenage Shutdown or Pebbles compilation, with fantastic, fanciful ballads and faded odes to lost friends all wrapped up in a stoned-ground aural husk rough enough to wear down ones teeth. The individual songs each tell their own story, sometimes in Kinks style, sometimes like a Voxx Records band from the 80s, and sometimes like a third-generation Dylan-buzzed teen who only recently learned two chords on the Farfisa. Is Growing Faith is so creative, so enjoyable, so deep, one wonders how Presley does it, what with Darker My Love and The Strange Boys being just some of his many other projects. Clearly White Fence takes some go-go-go with its linger-linger-linger. As Presley says in Tumble, Lies & Honesty: There is a power in me: I never look behind.- Dan Collins, L.A. Record  

"Darker My Love and The Strange Boys... do variations of dirtied-up psychedelic pop. White Fence is [Tim Presleys] third band and much more idiosyncratic. Its just Mr. Presley making songs as complicated as he wants, with his multi-tracked asthmatic voice and his gift for weird, wayward song hooks."-Ben Ratliff, New York Times  

"[Presleys] debut under the moniker White Fence is absolute ramshackle-scatterbrain-chaos, revealing an equal affinity for the acid-soaked psychedelia of Syd-era Floyd and the noise-caked post-punk of The Fall. Even while traversing a wide variety of moods and personalities, this kaleidoscopic LP is masterfully complete, and an understated portrait of the savvy genius behind it."-Altered Zones / Weekly Tape Deck

DUCKTAILS- III: Arcade Dynamics CD/LP

Vinyl comes with free digital download that includes an exclusive bonus track, an alternate version of "Killin the Vibe" featuring Panda Bear.
Ducktails is the one-man psychedelic pop project of Matthew Mondanile, guitarist for New Jerseys Real Estate and, more importantly, a proud son of the mid-1980s. At 22 years old, he started releasing his own cassette albums. His first 7-inch came out on Breaking World Records and was followed by a string of LPs, cassettes, and CDs on independent labels like Not Not Fun, Olde English Spelling Bee, Release the Bats, Arbor and Goaty Tapes. Now surrounded by a crew of young songwriters, Mondanile spends his time either touring or recording in the basement of his parents house. Categorized by David Keenan as part of the hypnagogic pop movement, Ducktails realizes a shared cultural memory and nostalgia through various genres. Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics is Mondaniles third official full-length LP and first for Woodsist Records..



HERBCRAFT - Discovers The Bitter World Of Agartha LP (Hello Sunshine) --->BACK IN STOCK!

December 2009: Days after returning to Maine following three heavy months on the road, Blows Against the Empire in one hand, Admiral Richard Byrd's secret diary in the other, Matthew Lajoie (Cursillistas) awoke one morning having dreamt the existence of a lost 1973 concept record about the exploration of inner Earth and the advanced civilization thriving at its center--Agartha, the domain of the Arianni. Using Byrd's account as the thematic framework for the album, he feverishly poured forth a representation of the imagined record, writing and recording the entire LP in a single 24-hour period--guided by sonic Ouija.
The result is a cosmic antenna with dials tuned to the Planet Earth Rock 'n' Roll Orchestra, obscure psych-prog spacecasts, and classic rock radio, all refracted through the dusty, cracked and scratched Cursillistas prism. Performed entirely on a borrowed thrift store electric guitar and broken microphone, Herbcraft Discovers the Bitter Water of Agartha was birthed in the Now to scatter the seeds of Agartha's message in our Aquarian Dark Age. Limited to 500 copies.



PURLING HISS- "Public Service Announcement" LP 

Resident guitarist / noise-smith Mike Polizze of Philly jam-punks Birds of Maya takes another one-off vacation with Purling Hiss.  Public Service Announcement take a more song-oriented approach than Polizze's self-titled debut LP (Permanent Records) and its follow-up, Hissteria (Richie Records). With the treble down and the tape-heads bleeding, the LP is a montage of flange-covered tunes, in-the-red and submerged below sea level.  "... reminds me of some of my other favorite mystery rock albums, like High Speed and the Afflicted Man's Get Stoned Ezy, or any Les Rallizes Denudes or Vermonster records--not necessarily in style or attack, but certainly in spirit. This is full-on destroyer guitar rock, with a palpable sense of nothing to lose and everything to prove. To me, it sounds like a serious, sincere statement--and you don't hear that every day." --Ripley Johnson (Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips)



EXCEPTER- "LATE" 12" w/ bonus Tank Tapes download


The 23rd Excepter record: The Late EP. The Black Rust Rush Tour of "High Noon" lore. One track recorded at Oberlin Dionysus Disco, Fall 2009, in I-94 palindrome dub by R/N. One track recorded at 382 Jeff Street by Lala with the TR-808. 2009-2010 edit. Two tracks live on "Presidence Day" at the Glass Lands, February 16th, 2010, by Derek Maxwell, sound engineer. The Late EP returns Excepter to Woodsist. All four tracks are previously unreleased. The Tank Tapes are included as a complimentary bonus digital download with the record. Excepter is New York City's premiere improvisatory, vocal-and-electronics cosmic beat-box band. Whether on stage, on record or on video, Excepter never gives the expected, and this is no exception... "Tank Tapes displays Excepter's more inarticulable qualities ... it's stranger, looser, more beautiful." --Pitchfork



SUN ARAW-"Off Duty + Boat Trip" CD/12"

"When the On Patrol test presses hit the turntables, an epilogue burst from the side of the Sun Araw cranium immediately, before it was even cold on wax. The camera jumped all by itself, spontaneous framing and new perspectives: "Last Chants" grips you in heavy, end-of-shift panic; who knew "Holodeck Blues" got so rowdy? Surrounded and staring down the barrels of some serious forces, the scum is rising. No worries: you got backup, don't forget who's wearing the badge. Flip the vision and make it all the way down, it's your party. "Midnight Locker" is one chilled exhalation, all cold sweat and steam vents. The cab ride home comes with AM radio ghosts, whispering again of that heavier zone, it's time to get back. The flip side is pure secret sun-day, sacred rest: the stairway to the stars. "Deep Temple," float on up, the Heavy Deeds are waiting." --Aristocrat P. Child




"Royal Baths haven't had it easy. In a city where garage rock reigns supreme and new bands form and fade away with the blink of an eye, it's tough to get noticed unless your songs can satisfy punk rock attention spans. But with four- to six-minute tracks and slow, methodical drum beats, Royal Baths have won their way into the hearts of even the most raucous audiences--a testament to both the ability that San Franciscans have to recognize talent when they see it, and also to the incredible music and spectacle that the Royal Baths have created. "The band has its obvious influences--The Velvet Underground and Spacemen 3--but to define them by these comparisons would be to vastly oversimplify their sound. Songwriters Jeremy Cox and Jigmae Baer draw from psychedelic soundscapes; dark, personal, and esoteric subject matter; and a bit of punk's apathetic humor and exigency. They conjure up haunting, reverb-heavy hymns to the degenerate and the broken." --Emily Rose Epstein (SF Weekly, Thrasher Magazine, drummer for Ty Segall)




"It's true--the sons and daughters of Homestead, Xpressway and first-wave Drag City (et al.) are now making good music. The '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s and '00s are all there, bound together by shitty tape machines, reverb and easy chord changes, but melody is back and so is the joy of jamming a perfectly mangled pop song. Welcome Home might hit some new kids the way Human Music or Nuggets did back in their day. In any case, it's one of those rare compilations you can play straight through and over again." --Glenn Donaldson

All tracks (excepting WHITE FENCE- The Love Between) are exclusive to this release.

LP= $15 postage paid in the USA
Cassette=$8 postage paid in the USA



WOODS-"At Echo Lake" CD/LP/CS

LP= $15
postage paid in the USA
CD= $12 postage paid in the USA
Cassette=$8 postage paid in the USA



With a title like At Echo Lake the fifth album from New Yorks Woods intimates a modern rock aesthetic fully informed by historical manifestations of teenage along with a concomitant feel for the specifics of time and place. The distance between 2007s At Rear House and 2010s At Echo Lake may at first seem only semantic but it more properly represents a move from a kind of informal back porch jam ethos to a fully-committed vision of the infinite possibilities of group playing. Over the past few years Woods have established themselves as an anomaly in a world of freaks. They were an odd proposition even in the outr company of vocalist/guitarist/label owner Jeremy Earls Woodsist roster, perpetually out of time, committed to songsmanship in an age of noise, drone and improvisation, to extended soloing, oblique instrumentals and the usurping use of tapes and F/X in an age of dead-end singer-songwriters. Recent live shows have seen them best confuse the two, playing beautifully-constructed songs torn apart by fuzztone jams and odd electronics. At Echo Lake feels like a diamond-sharp distillation of the turbulent power of their live shows, in much the same way that The Grateful Deads Dark Star single amplified and engulfed the planetary aspect of their improvised takes. Some of the material here  the opening Blood Dries Darker, the euphoric Mornin Time is so lush that lesser brains wouldve succumbed to the appeal of strings and horns but At Echo Lake is more Fifth Dimension than Notorious Byrd Brothers, nowhere more so than on  From The Horn, a track that is as beautiful in its assault on form as Eight Miles High or Swell Maps Midget Submarines. But despite the instrumental innovation that the album heralds  G. Lucas Cranes psychedelic tapework on Suffering Season, guest musician Matthew Valentines harmonica and modified banjo/sitar on Time Fading Lines At Echo Lake is all about the vocals. Woods secret weapon is the quality of Earls voice, osmosing the naive style of Jad Fair, Jonathan Richman and Neil Young while re-thinking it as a discipline and a tradition. Here he is singing at the peak of his powers, in a high soulful style that is bolstered by heavenly arrangements of backing vocals. At Echo Lake feels like the transmission point for teenage garage from the past to the future. Deformed by contemporary experiments, bolstered by magical traditions from the past, its the sound of now, right here, At Echo Lake. -David Keenan/Glasgow/March 2010

WHITE FENCE- S/T- CD/ Digital  -----> CD= $12 postage paid in the USA

Wander into the sweltering Cali smog to find yourself transported into a lysergic pop netherworld, where White Fence carves broad strokes of color into your mind. Coming on like Love in a Lollipop Shoppe, or Chris Knox abusing a Vox, the record oscillates between a sun-dappled English meadow, a crumbling SoCal suburban bedroom, and a riotous Sunset Strip leather gang knife fight, with the kind of warped precision and purity that marks the wolves from the sheep and the profound from the pretend in this instant online age. You know what I mean.
 "White Fence is one man, Tim Presley, singer in garage-soul band Darker My Love, player on The Fall album Reformation Post TLC and now full-time member of The Strange Boys. Amid all this band-hopping, he's managed to record an LP of lysergic psychedelic songs (think: Arthur Lee without the budget and the guns)."--Joel Wright

MOON DUO- "Escape" Mini LP/CD (WOODSIST038)---> CD=$12ppd  LP= $15 postage paid in the USA

San Francisco's Moon Duo was formed in 2009 by Sanae Yamada and Erik Johnson (Wooden Shjips). Inspired initially by the legendary John Coltrane and Rashied Ali, Moon Duo counts such variant groups as Silver Apples, Royal Trux, Moolah, Suicide, and Cluster as touchstones. Utilizing primarily guitar, keyboards, percussion, and vocals, the pair plays space against form to create a primordial and disorienting sonic stew. They released two acclaimed records in 2009: the Love on the Sea 12-inch single on Sick Thirst and the Killing Time EP on Sacred Bones. Escape, their debut long-player on Woodsist, marks the fullest realization yet of the young group's evolving sound.  

"Moon Duo are the combined forces of Wooden Shjips' Erik Johnson and Sanae Yamada, and following a couple of singles this year, they're releasing a debut full-length on Woodsist in 2010. 'Stumbling 22nd St.,' a gauzy, lo-fi rock number built on a repetitive riff, goes on for nearly seven minutes and presents a pretty epic introduction to this band." --Pitchfork

ART MUSEUMS- "Rough Frame" CD/LP (WOODSIST037)--> LP= $15 / CD= SALE! $5ppd

Cult new wave band The Art Museums tell sordid tales of artists, lovers, and poseurs. Bay Area psych burnouts Josh Alper and Glenn Donaldson converged in San Francisco in the summer of '09 to record Anglophile jams on a Tascam 388 tape machine (state of the art home-recording circa '85). Rough Frame is their debut LP for the Woodsist label. They would make a hi-fi studio record if they had the money, but reviewers would probably still say it was lo-fi. The Art Museums are into: art, poetry, Whaam! Records, and films about Mods. The Art Museums are not into: flared trousers, drip coffee, or dirty sneakers.

WOODS- "I Was Gone"- 7" ep (WOODSIST041)---> $6.00 postage paid in the USA

"Guess this new WOODS EP is a more unconscious approach to the written song. A side is a 3-part tape collage/head scratcher called Days Gone By. B side features new easy breezy psych rock single, I Was Gone and the drugged out tribal child, Hang On.  Its crunchy. Take with some honey slides"- TM

limited/ one time only pressing

EAT SKULL- "Jerusalem Mall" 7" (WOODSIST036) ---> $7.00 postage paid in the USA

don't put baby in the corner.  Jerusalem Mall is a newer Christmas time jingle for these hopeful times. 
Backed with 2 Sick to Death outtakes unavailable on vinyl till now.  no one puts baby in the corner.
Full color glue pocket sleeve

THE FRESH & ONLYS-"Second One to Know"- 7" (WOODSIST035) ----> $7.00 postage paid in the USA

"Second One To Know" b|w "Hated or Loved." Recorded Spring 2009.
Both tracks taken from the super limited "Bomb Wombs" cassette on Fuck It Tapes.
Full color glue pocket sleeve. Two of their best songs yet!

REAL ESTATE - Self-Titled- CD/LP (WOODSIST034) Debut release

"Real Estate waft in on vibes of hazy summers past.  The New Jersey quartet of Martin Courtney IV, Matthew Mondanile III, Etienne Pierre Duguay and Alex Bleeker cut the sleeves short and the pop smooth to shade you from the midday heat.  Every song works its way to that part of your consciousness that reveled in the fleeting waves of freedom that eked in once classes broke and the sun lingered a little longer over suburban roofs. And with three quarters of the band holding down Garden State roots its no surprise that a bit of Jersey indie-pop heritage sneaks its way into their sound, lifting the most sun streaked moments from The Feelies and Yo La Tengo and filtering them through the kaleidoscope of memories aimless drives through parched neighborhood streets.  Martin Courtney's songwriting has a way of wrapping up the immediacy of youth with the ennui of age for the perfect shade of bittersweet bliss, mind you though, much heavier on the sweet than the bitter. Add to this Mondanile's (Ducktails/ Predator Vision) shimmering guitar strains full of equal parts sea foam and beer foam, pepper in the boardwalk clatter of Duguay's drums Bleeker's staccato low end and the perfect afternoon is just a lawn chair and boom box away."-Andy French / Raven Sings The Blues



THE MAYFAIR SET- "Young One+ Self-Titled 7inch" CD (WOODSIST033) ----> SALE-- CD=$5 postage paid in the USA

Debut Release from members of Blank Dogs and Dum Dum Girls. Includes 7" and 12" EP.

THE FRESH & ONLYS- "Grey-Eyed Girls" CD/LP (WOODSIST032) ---> CD=$10ppd  LP= $15 postage paid in the USA

When Tim Cohen told Shayde Sartin he was writing a song called "Be My Hooker," the Fresh & Onlys bassist looked at the singer/guitarist and said... "'There's no way we're gonna have a song with that title, dude,'" explains Sartin. "But sure enough, he laid a riff down and I was like, 'Jesus christ, I can't believe you pulled something meaningful out of such a stupid line.'"  Welcome to the push/pull dynamic that's fueled the Fresh & Onlys' steady stream of releases over the past year, including last spring's self-titled LP (Castle Face) and this fall's Grey-Eyed Girls (Woodsist). And to think it all started the old-fashioned way—with Sartin and Cohen simply hanging out after work, playing their favorite punk (Buzzcocks, The Mekons) and classic rock (Country Joe and the Fish, cued up alongside slabs of psych from the group's homebase, San Francisco) records alongside a growing collection of empty beer cans. "I can't really explain what happened or why," says Sartin. "I guess we listened to records until we were on the same page, and from that point on, we never stopped recording." As simple as all of that sounds, the duo first bought a tape machine five years ago. When that failed to produce any concrete cuts, Cohen focused on his previous avant-pop band, Black Fiction, and Sartin split his time between session and live work for such bands as the Skygreen Leopards, Papercuts and Citay. Not to mention his close friend Kelley Stoltz, who ended up releasing the first Fresh & Onlys 7" (the limited Imaginary Friends EP) in early 2008. With so much music hitting shops in such a short time (Sartin says the band already has boxes of backlogged tapes), you might think the Fresh & Onlys camp have a problem with quality control. Quite the contrary; Sartin and Cohen are very careful about what they release. And while the duo writes and records the band's songs, the arrangements are usually  fleshed out with guitarist Wymond Miles, drummer Kyle Gibson, and backup singer Heidi Alexander. "If we take a song into the studio or a live setting and it doesn't have wings," says Sartin, "Then we just ditch it and keep the charming demo version." The final mix of Grey-Eyed Girls sounds like a natural bridge between the raucous garage rock of the group's debut and the full-on studio record they plan on wrapping for In the Red later this year. That goes for the galloping grooves of "Happy To Be Living," the shadowy post-punk of "Invisible Forces," and the firework finale freak-outs that drive "The Delusion of Man." Not to mention a stack of hook-slinging tracks that nix any 'shitgaze' assumptions you may have. "We're not trying to hide melodies or do the blown-out thing," says Sartin. "A lot of those bands are great, but I don't want to ever cater to what's popular. It's not that I'm being reactionary; we're just trying to make recordings that are as rich and ear-friendly as possible." It's working.

METH TEETH- "Everything Went Wrong"- LP (WOODSIST030) ---> $15 postage paid in the USA

"Meth Teeth reside in Portland OR. and in some ways embody the rainy day big country vibe of the city with its youth culture dreamers, old druggies, and rustic history. There is something that is really hard to pin down about Meth Teeth, the songs rely on simple ramshackle rhythms, upbeat shinny guitar interplay, and big fat chord churners, and alot of tambourine banging away on the snare drum. Ultra catchy summertime rockers keep you sad and lonely, and upbeat and hopeful all at once."---Shawn Reed/Night People

FERGUS & GERONIMO- "Harder Than It's Ever Been" 7" (WOODSIST027) ---->$6.00 postage paid in the USA --->BACK IN STOCK!

Fergus & Geronimo are Jason Kelly and Andrew Savage. You might know them from Wax Museums and Teenage Cool Kids respectively. What started as a recording project between friends has manifested into another extraordinary addition to the Denton, TX roster of current bands. Upon first listen, one can instantly recognize these two lads are intimately familiar with their influences. Never mind the psychedelia, this is straight pop, no bullshit. Debut vinyl release.

GANGLIANS-"Monster Head Room" CD (WOODSIST031) -----> $12 postage paid in the USA

all-over-the-map damaged-and-psychedelic noise-pop. 11 tracks in just under 50 min

"This album is pure naive headphone acid pop to drive to, at least that's what was going through our heads."- Ganglians

- "shitgaze anthems" 12"
(WOODSIST023) --->SALE! $10 postage paid in the USA

"After about a 2 year absence, Psychedelic Horseshit is back with an EP of alleged B-sides from an upcoming full length..."I only listen to OK Computer and Cranes. The Fall sucks, DIY sucks, we suck, you suck." said Matt Horseshit in a recent interview."Why should anyone listen to you then?" replied the reporter."Because we're FUN, duh." And even though you wanna hate 'em, you gotta admit, they kinda are fun. Matt is a dick, of course, and Rich is hilariously clueless mostly, and by all means most of the stuff on this SHITGAZE ANTHEMS EP should'nt work, whether it be the white-boy dub section, the cliche acoustic ballad with backwards guitar, the blatant Dylan rips, or the overall amateur playing, but for some reason these elements that usually reek of pretention and failure actually endear you to the band and their songs. Yes, they're called Psychedelic Horseshit. Yes, they do suck, but I'll be damned if they aren't one of my favorite bands in the world, and they're only getting better, but if I tried to tell you why it'd only make 'em sound worse. So it goes..."- matt horseshit

GANGLIANS- s/t- LP (WOODSIST028)--->SALE! $10 postage paid in the USA

Sacramento's Ganglians want an island somewhere where they can soak in the sun and prowl the canopy by night. It's not often that they do get out, but they can get down for that. Recording sometimes as one, sometimes as four it's a real game to figure out where the entity comes from and where it's going. First and foremost it's about uncertain pleasures. It's a bit like choose your own adventure. There's "codeine balladry"; a slightly upsetting tempo that is quickly flushed into an aural high, the next moment you're in the toy strewn abyss of the bedroom and then out to the tribal caves of the natives. The planets align and the sun beats down, palms tingling, and you are on the island they've built, the scenery constantly shifting for a better view, of you. 8 tracks in 24 min

WOODS- "Songs of Shame" LP (WOODSIST025) ----> ------->LP= $15 postage paid in the USA

The fourth full length by Woods, Songs of Shame, rips deeper with both 90 second and 10 minute
forays into skeletal psychedelia. This is not to say their idiosyncratic songwriting style & vocalizing
is not present in spades but expanded, colored, and twisted into a tie-dye of soundscapes. Road worn,
windblown, and deeply grooved. Full color matte jackets with printed inner sleeve.

KURT VILE- "Constant Hitmaker" LP (WOODSIST024) ----> ----->LP= $15 postage paid in the USA

Philadelphia lo-fi bedroom psych singer/songwriter. Originally released on CD in 2008 on Gulcher Records
"kurt vile is the nom de plume of philadelphian kurt vile (!) whose shimmering home recordings reflect the artists admiration of everything from delta blues to the minimalist agro of suicide, the downer psyche of 39 clocks as well as the skiffle hum of strapping fieldhands. in other words, a real globe trotter. kurt has shared well as wiped the floor...with the likes of blues control, pink reason, clock cleaner, times new viking, magik markers, to name a few. this is his debut release. lend him your ears." - - tom lax, siltbreeze


BLANK DOGS- "The Fields" CD (WOODSIST021) ----->CD= SALE! $5ppd

7 song Mini-LP.

"BlankDogs are actually singular: It's the insanely prolific one-man
Brooklyn-based band of Mr. Blank Dog. We don't know too much about the
biography of the guy behind the bedroom new-wave pop/punk and he's
usually covering his face with masks or bedspreads, but that's fine.
The aura of anonymity allows you to focus on the sounds -- and,
really, he might be releasing a ton of things, but there's definitely
a higher jam to crap ratio. It's like Joy Division vocal lines with
the Cure's synth and guitar melodies filtered through ancient
submerged keyboards and eroded recording equipment. And that voice?
All the feedback in the world can't hide his knack for melody." -stereogum



"MagicLantern came into being at the mid-point of the decade, sparked
into existence by a simultaneous period of musical discovery for Philip
French, William Giacchi, and Cameron Stallones. Inspired by the
psychedelic approach to musical tone and structure in various eras and
genres of rock (not at all excluding Germany and Japan in the '70s), the
three realized they ought to make use of the new creative tools they'd
stumbled upon, and began jamming the summer away in twin poles of Long
Beach and Whittier, CA. Over the course of a year they recorded every jam
and compiled a full-length's worth of home-studio demos which later became
their self-released CD-R. At the same time, each member was developing
solo and side projects to channel parallel universes of sound. A year
after their first jam together, MagicLantern decided to make the leap to
playing live and recruited good friends and like-minded musicians Chip
Knechtel and Gavin Fort to be their marathon rhythm section. The jams from
their CD-R were used as the blueprints for the band to develop a raw,
stripped-down sound that emphasized hypnotic rhythms and improvised guitar
duels. After being invited to play at the Tee Pee Records showcase
"Manifest Destiny" in August of '07, th' Lantern kept up a steady diet of
shows in LA and Long Beach for the next year, earning a local following
and two highly limited tapes on Not Not Fun Records. Through the spring of
'08 they began writing new material as a band and developing the new songs
live. In the summer they recorded these jams with sound wizard Bobb Bruno,
which led to the Not Not Fun LP High Beams that September. At this point
the band had fully emerged from transition into a shared creative vision
of five musicians, each possessing a singular voice, all united in the
common goal to engage both mind and body through good vibrations."

MENEGUAR- "The In Hour" CD/LP (WOODSIST013) ----> CD SALE!=$5ppd / LP=$15ppd

Switching instruments and experimenting with recording techniques,
Meneguar has cooked up a totally unique(and surprising) record. The In
Hour channels the spontaneity and aesthetics of Swell Maps, the pop
hooks of the Zombies, and lyrical collage of Guided By Voices.
Everything was home recorded at their little Xanadu in Brooklyn, Rear House,
home base to the Woodsist label and the changing roster of Meneguar's
alter egos(Woods, Shepherds). Only six months since their last record, The In Hour
represents a serious departure that still holds true to the band's undeniable pop sensibility.

Christian Family Underground
- "For the Depth of Your Union" LP (WOODSIST008)------->SALE! $10ppd. only a few left

Summer 06 Family Underground (DK) recorded with Dave Nuss of NNCK at Black Dirt Studios in the woods of upstate NY. The yield was as characteristically unhinged as one might expect: sweeping electronic sounds backed with wood and bone percussion spirit-conjure. However also harvested was some new and especially tasty crop: sung and spoken song, electric guitar/conga rock, and an odd ghostly sheen coating the entire proceeding. Nuss comments on the session: I remember when we were recording, momentarily leaving the studio and going out into the night and feeling it thicken like a partition separating us from this intense state of clear consciousness we had in the recording, which was like humankinds natural state. And then thinking about Jesper from FU, an adopted Vietnamese living in DK, and how much he resembles Michael Jackson, and realizing that across continents no man can be divided from himself. We had to make this music to provide for us some fantasy of fulfillment that would carry us through the weekend like rejuvenated suns born again climbing to heaven, after being washed in the deepest bluest sea. Jacket by designer Susan Cianciolo and screened inserts by Stellar, NL. limited to 500   FADER-Freak Scene Review

BLUES CONTROL- "Puff" LP- (WOODSIST003) ---> limited repress

Repressed. "BLUES CONTROL is LEA CHO and RUSS WATERHOUSE, a piano, guitar, and tapes duo from New York. Puff is their first full-length record, after two cassette-only releases. "Puff is the work of two modern gris gris chefs, and the most righteously authentic stoner gumbo this side of Twin Infinitives or Jungle Rot. Glittery framed sunglasses and dopers remorse. The finest racket of 2007 so far."" -James Jackson Toth.



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THE POLYPS - Ants On The Golden Cone LP/ HS004 -- oct 11

JOVONTAES- Things Are Different Here LP / HS006 -- oct 11


001- RACCOO-OO-OON "Mythos Folkways Vol.1" LP
002- NIGHT WOUNDS- "Allergic to Heat" LP
004- WOODS "At Rear House" LP (TMU 123)
"More From The Mountain" 7"
006- RACCOO-OO-OON - Mythos Folkways Vol. 3 "Divination Night" LP
007- JANA HUNTER "Carrion"- one sided 12" ep
008- CHRISTIAN FAMILY UNDERGROUND- "For the Depth of Your Union" LP
009- THE FOLK SPECTRE- "The Blackest Medicine" LP
010- LOOSERS- "Logic On Its Head" 10" (NNF089)
SIC ALPS- "Strawberry Guillotine" 7"
012- POCAHAUNTED-"Peyote Road" LP
013- MENEGUAR - "The In Hour" CD/LP
014- PINK REASON- "Winona" 7"
015- ROBEDOOR- "Endlessly Blazing" LP
016- VIVIAN GIRLS- "Tell The World" 7"
018- SUN ARAW- "Boat Trip" 12"
020- IDLE TIMES- "Get Your Feet Off the Ground" 7"
021- BLANK DOGS- "The Fields" CD/12"
022- WAVVES- s/t- CD/LP
023- PSYCHEDELIC HORSESHIT- "Shitgaze Anthems"-12"
024- KURT VILE- "Constant Hitmaker" LP
025- WOODS- "Songs of Shame" LP
026- THEE OH SEES- "tidal wave" 7"
027- FERGUS & GERONIMO- "Harder Than It's Ever Been" 7"
028- GANGLIANS- s/t-12"
029- REAL ESTATE- "fake blues" 7"
METH TEETH- "Everything Went Wrong"- LP
031- GANGLIANS- "Monster Head Room" CD
032- THE FRESH & ONLYS- "Grey-Eyed Girls" CD/LP
033- THE MAYFAIR SET- "Young One"12"/CD co-release with Captured Tracks
035- THE FRESH & ONLYS- "The Second One to Know" 7"
036- EAT SKULL- "Jerusalem Mall" 7"
037- ART MUSEUMS- "Rough Frame" CD/LP
038- MOON DUO- "Escape" Mini-LP/CD
039- MV&EE- "Home Comfort" LP
040- WOODS-"At Echo Lake" CD/LP/CS
041- WOODS- "I Was Gone" 7"
042- WHITE FENCE- S/T- CD/ Digital
045- SUN ARAW- Off Duty 12"/ CD (includes Boat Trip EP)
046- EXCEPTER- "Late" 12"
047- PURLING HISS- Public Service Announcement LP
048- DUCKTAILS III: Arcade Dynamics CD/LP
049- WHITE FENCE- Is Growing Faith  CD/LP
050- SPECTRE FOLK-The Blackest Medicine, Vol. II- 12"
051- NODZZZ- "Innings" - CD/LP
052- MATT "MV" VALENTINE- "What I Became" LP
053- WOODS- "Sun and Shade" CD/LP
054- WOODS / KURT VILE- 2011 Tour Split 7"
055- THE DOOZER- "Keep It Together" LP
056- GOLDEN CALVES collection- 2XLP